Dr. Jeremy Selvidge

Lead Pastor - Mount Pleasant First Church of the Nazarene

Project Title: Assessing and Encouraging Clergy Health on the Michigan District

"I thoroughly enjoyed the DMin experience at NTS. The Faculty challenged us and stretched us through the content of the degree. The flexibility to create our own electives was important for me as it gave me the opportunity to interact with others in the field of research. I would love to see more people understand the benefit of the DMin process."

Class of 2017

Barker, Jeffrey.jpg

Rev. Dr. Jeff Barker


Current Ministry Context: New England District Church of the Nazarene

Project Title: Participating Faithfully: Re-Imagining Congregational Assessment as an Ecclesial Practice

"When I enrolled in the DMin program at NTS there were questions about the faithful practice of the pastoral vocation nagging within me.  Yet i was unable to articulate the specificity of the questions.  There were ministry frustrations within me but I couldn’t give verbal expression to those frustrations.  It was the gift of reading, conversing, and learning alongside the DMin program faculty that provided a forum where my ramblings were mirrored back in such a way that the questions constructed themselves.  My final project resulted in a more refined theology of the pastoral vocation and greater clarity about the nature of the Church, launching me into the next chapter of vocational faithfulness."

Class of 2017