Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry Program at Nazarene Theological Seminary provides specificity and flexibility, giving you focus and freedom to explore ministry in passionate and innovative ways. It will cultivate your skills and abilities for service in the context to which God has called you. 

Considering an Advanced Degree

Do any of these statements point to areas of your life? 

  • You sense the need to update your theological and practical resources for ministry from what you gained through your Master’s level studies
  • Your current ministry situation challenges you beyond what you feel capable of giving
  • You need to be re-energized and renewed mentally and spiritually
  • You need help with relating Christian doctrine to Church practice
  • You desire to think, read, and reflect to a greater degree but lack the disciplined structure for doing it consistently
  • You have a ministry project you would like to lead, but lack the resources and support to do this project well
  • You have opportunity to teach in a program of ministerial study and desire stronger credentials
  • You feel somewhat isolated in ministry and could benefit from joining a cohort of fellow students
  • You are ready for a new level of integration of personal spiritual formation with professional ministry practice

Program Overview

The student who completes the Doctor of Ministry will demonstrate the following: 

  • Integration of academic abilities, research methods, and advanced ministry skills to develop creative forms and modes of engagements in mission in the Wesleyan spirit. 
  • Growth in self-understanding, self-evaluation, and self-direction in regard to lifelong study, increased knowledge and skills in human relationships, spiritual growth, and leadership potential in various ministry contexts. 
  • Growth in understanding of and appreciation for the integration of Scripture, reason, tradition, and experience that characterizes the Wesleyan tradition. 
  • Formation of a theology of ministry grounded in understanding of and participation in the mission of God in the world.