Doctor of ministry

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Tailored Tracks

The Doctor of Ministry program offers tracks to give you focus in your core courses. The first two tracks, Innovative Leadership in Changing Cultures and Spiritual Formation and Discipleship, are designed by passionate scholars and practitioners to give life and depth to the content. You will be invited to engage the core subject matter while integrating your expertise and context with the goal of constructing new knowledge and practice that will benefit every participant.


Customized courses & research

The Doctor of Ministry program creates space for you to explore your interests and integrate your perspectives as a part of the learning community. You will be paired with a Faculty Advisor before courses begin to facilitate this exploration. The goal is to craft a learning experience that results in research that has a measured impact on your context. 


Cohort community

The cohort drives the learning experience. While the face-to-face colloquies will form the core of the interaction in the program, you will be invited into frequent conversations through various media to work out how the literature, course material, and experiences are shaping your ministry in context. Enrolling in the Doctor of Ministry program means joining a learning community of your peers who are eager to discover new ways of engaging in transformational ministry. 


three colloquies

Each track will provide three, week-long opportunities for face-to-face interactions with your peers and experts in the field. These colloquies will be held in various locations, both domestically and internationally, that will expose you to diverse contexts and perspectives. The interaction of the faculty, students, and context will facilitate rich experiences and life-changing learning opportunities. 


Program Distinctives

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Customized Engagement

Integration of academic abilities, research methods, and advanced ministry skills to develop creative forms and modes of engagement in mission in the Wesleyan spirit.

Participation in the Missio Dei

Formation of a theology of ministry grounded in understanding of and participation in the mission of God in the world.

Wesleyan Foundation

Growth in the understanding of and appreciation for the integration of Scripture, reason, tradition, and experience that characterizes the Wesleyan tradition.

Lifelong Learning

Growth in self-understanding, self-evaluation, and self-direction in regard to lifelong study, increased knowledge and skills in human relationships, spiritual growth, and leadership potential in various ministry contexts.


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